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As important as insurance is for small businesses, it’s not uncommon for busy company owners to be unsure about why they need it, where to get it, the fact that coverage can be tailored to their needs, etc. We know this from our interactions with customers and prospective customers all around the U.S.

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Businesses will sometimes indicate that they are “bonded and insured,” but what does being bonded and insured mean exactly? And does it matter if a business is bonded and insured?

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If you’re wondering, “What is a Certificate of Liability Insurance?” or “What is a COI?” which is short for Certificate of Insurance, it’s a document that proves you purchased an insurance policy that protects you from business liability.

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A Certificate of Liability Insurance (sometimes simply called a Certificate of Insurance or COI) is a physical or electronic document that proves you have insurance. The COI includes important details about your policy that you, a client, a landlord or someone else might require.

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A business owners policy (also called BOP insurance) includes two important types of coverage in one policy: general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. Also called property & liability insurance, a business owners policy can be easier to manage than having multiple policies.

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A worker is injured when a stack of metal pipes breaks free of its restraints and his leg gets trapped under the weight and broken. What do you do now? It’s important to consider your actions in advance, since this is a situation that calls for quick thinking and rapid action.

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There are many risks in business offices. A visitor slips on a wet floor and injures their back. An old microwave oven shorts out and causes a fire that damages a breakroom. An employee backs a company car into another vehicle in a parking lot. Any of these incidents, and many others, can result in you being found liable for monetary damages.

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The term advertising agency insurance refers to a set of policies that protect an agency from potentially devastating financial liability and losses. Advertising agencies face many risks—from employee and visitor injuries to property damage and liability for mistakes made. Without proper small business insurance coverage, the consequences of an incident can be crippling or can put an agency out of business entirely.

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You may have heard the term insurtech. If you have, you might have wondered, “What is insurtech?” Insurtech is short for “insurance technology,” in the same way that fintech is short for “financial technology.”