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For those who are self-employed, insurance to cover various types of business risk is essential. Without proper coverage, one lawsuit can result in a financial burden that can lead to bankruptcy. Fortunately, you can get affordable small business insurance quickly and conveniently online from biBERK.

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Catering insurance is a term used to describe a group of coverages that are important to food service companies. Also called caterer insurance, food service insurance, or food liability insurance, these policies protect food service businesses from many types of risk, including employee injuries, injuries to customers and other non-employees, liability from accidents in company-owned vehicles, and others.

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Company insurance is a catchall term used to describe different insurance policies that protect businesses from the cost of legal liability and losses. For example, if your employee damages a customer’s property, they can sue you. In that instance, a general liability policy can protect you. Or, if equipment you need to run your business is damaged, a business owners policy (BOP) may cover the replacement cost.

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Small business insurance provides important financial protection for the policyholder—the company or self-employed individual that purchases the policy. In some cases, however, others may want to be covered by the policy to some degree as well. This is where an additional insured endorsement may be needed.

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If you own a small business where vehicles are used to make deliveries, travel to meetings or work sites, run errands, etc., you’ve probably wondered, “Do I need commercial car insurance?” That’s an important question to ask, since even minor accidents can produce major financial burdens if they aren’t covered by insurance.

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It’s crucial that companies have the right insurance for small business. Just as importantly, when incidents occur and insurance claims are made, insurance claims payouts should happen quickly and efficiently.

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Umbrella insurance can cover claims that exceed the limits of an underlying business liability insurance policy. If you’re wondering, “How much umbrella insurance do I need?” or “Is umbrella insurance worth it?” read on for answers.

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Many of the companies started every year take the form of a limited liability company or LLC. Registering as an LLC provides a certain amount of separation between your business assets and your personal assets.

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A Certificate of Insurance is a physical or electronic document that proves you have insurance. It provides important details about your policy that you, a client, a landlord or someone else might require.