biBerk Insurance Reviews: We’re Proud of What Customers Say About Our Company and Insurance Policies

June 06, 2024 | Insurance 101

This article was originally published April 29, 2024

There are lots of ways to assess whether a provider can meet your company’s business insurance needs. At biBerk insurance, reviews from actual customers show that we stand behind them, providing the coverage they need and addressing claims promptly, fairly, and efficiently. 

That’s what every business owner expects and, in our opinion, deserves—especially when facing a liability or loss.

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biBerk Reviews

When looking for an insurance provider, reviewing real-world testimonials from business owners and decision-makers like you can tell you a lot about a company. Below is a collection of biBerk reviews from actual customers that describe the biBerk customer service experience:

“We started our business to help fellow disabled veterans like myself with everyday handyman tasks, minor repairs, interior/exterior painting, and other tasks. Our business is unique in the sense that handyman services are pretty broad, so we can service many areas. biBERK insurance provides us with the coverage we need at the right price to meet our client's needs.” 

Rey Arroliga
Dirt Sailor Handyman Service LLC

“biBERK has made the insurance process simple and easy. Getting certificates of insurance for our vendors is as easy as baking a prepackaged cookie. Customer service is always helpful and speedy in getting us whatever we need very quickly.” 

Nicole Gordon
Certified Elite Plumbing

“We're a military family with a heart for service. Taking care of our fellow service members and their families is in our DNA. We opened Red Wing Stone Oak to continue our service to others. We provide safety footwear for the construction trades, warehousing, energy, and manufacturing industries. These are the folks that (literally) built our country and have been key to our economy getting back on its feet after the pandemic. Like our time in the military, we're proud to serve some of the hardest-working folks on the planet. 

biBerk has been a terrific partner for our new business. Brand recognition, affordability, and a smooth online interface were all influential in our decision to purchase our BOP (business owners policy) from biBerk.” 

Jeffrey ("JT") Thompson 
Red Wing Stone Oak

“CloudServus is a Microsoft consultancy and licensing partner based in Austin, Texas. Our business was born to combat the lack of customer experience and quality of delivery missing from so many other consultancies. We hire not only great technologists, but also people with great communication skills and desire to please customers. 

biBerk insurance played a critical role in securing the necessary insurance to land one of our largest customers. It was a time-critical situation and the biBerk process was smooth and timely. Small business insurance is a requirement to work with many larger companies. Having small business insurance also provides us peace of mind as the business owners, knowing that we are protected from unexpected events that could financially impact or ruin our business.” 

Dave Rowe 
CloudServus LLC

“I opened Healing Hands School of Massage when I realized we have a need for quality therapists in our area. I love teaching and enjoy being able to pass on my proprietary techniques, skills, and knowledge as a way to pay it forward and continue helping others as much as I can. 

I was so happy to find biBerk! I still recall the day I called. The attention to my case and the customer service I received was the best I had experienced in quite a long time. The representative was so patient and helpful. I really appreciated all of his help and certainly left a review. biBerk was able to offer the exact coverage we needed at the right time and the process was painless.” 

Adele Thaxton 
Healing Hands School of Massage 

“I offer complete mobile notary services and business consultation. My business is unique simply because I meet my clients in the most convenient place and time for them. Sometimes this means early morning, later evenings, during lunch breaks, in the hospital, at assisted living facilities—basically anywhere. 

biBerk small business insurance has placed value on my business. Although the notary business automatically comes with basic errors and omission insurance, I invested in my business and purchased additional insurance. It gives me and my clients confidence that if anything goes wrong or happens, I will be able to cover the cost with the additional insurance. It is additional security for myself and my business.” 

Shantrell Simmons 
Blue Ink Signatures, LLC

“I opened my small business to show other men how important it is to be plugged into the lives of their children and grandchildren. I taught my grandchildren how to cook, and one of them took off in the kitchen.

I am very new with biBerk, but what I can say is that it was intimidating trying to find insurance. Being my first business, I had no idea what to do or expect. I wasn't particularly happy with the customer service I received from some different insurance companies. The reason I chose biBerk is because of the customer service. I had no idea what I was talking about, or hearing, and the representative took the time to explain everything and answer all of my questions. I felt comfortable, which is why I signed up.”

Nicholas Tubbs 
Papa Nick’s Alfredo, LLC 

“RILA Global Consulting is an immigrant-owned and female-owned social listening agency based in New York City. Founded just four years ago, we have now grown to a team of 11 talented individuals who are located around the world. 

When I started the business, I had an incredibly hard time finding insurance coverage, as my company offers global services and I needed a very specific umbrella policy. Not only was biBerk flexible with helping me create a custom policy, but they were also very personable and took my objective seriously from the first call. Over the years of working with biBerk, I have been able to customize our insurance to meet my very unique needs, ensuring I have the right coverage in place and a peace of mind, so I can focus on running and growing my business.”

Tsvetta Kaleynska 
RILA Global Consulting LLC

You’ve Read biBerk Business Insurance Reviews. Now Let’s Talk About Protecting Your Business!

As you can see, a common theme in our customer reviews is that people appreciate biBerk’s insurance products and services. They view us as insurance advisors and partners—not simply providers. We appreciate that and work hard to live up to that reputation!

If you need business insurance, you can get policy quotes online anytime. If you have questions—before or after you purchase coverage directly from our website—our licensed insurance experts will be happy to assist you.

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