How To Get a Fast and Accurate Business Insurance Quote Online

June 06, 2024 | Insurance 101

This article was originally published May 20, 2024

One of the great things about getting small business insurance from biBerk is that you can purchase policies online whenever it’s convenient. Have a few free minutes early in the morning? That works. Prefer to make your purchase while you eat your lunch? We’re here to help. In the evening, when life slows down a bit? Perfect.

You’ll also be glad to hear you can get biBerk insurance quotes online anytime. It takes just a few minutes and goes especially smoothly if you follow a few basic best practices.

Let’s take a look at the process for getting the price information you need to choose the right business coverages for your company. 

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Take These Actions to Obtain a Reliable Small Business Insurance Quote

Small businesses can benefit from the financial protection of several types of policies. While your company’s needs will depend on factors like where you’re located, what you do, and others, you’ll surely need one or more of these insurance policies:

  1. Workers’ compensation insurance protects your employees if they’re injured, develop an illness, or die on the job.
  2. General liability insurance covers many common business risks (lawsuits stemming from so-called slip-and-fall accidents, for example). 
  3. Professional liability insurance (also called errors and omissions of E&O) protects the business from lawsuits filed by clients claiming your advice or services caused them financial harm.
  4. A business owners policy (BOP) conveniently combines general liability and commercial property protection.
  5. Commercial auto insurance covers liability related to company-owned or leased vehicles plus damage to those vehicles. 
  6. Cyber insurance addresses specific costs related to fraud or potential fraud using stolen sensitive information. 
  7. Umbrella insurance can cover the overage (up to its limit) if a claim exceeds the limits of an underlying biBerk liability policy.

Of course, no busy business owner or decision-maker wants to spend hours in meetings or on the phone with an insurance company getting quotes for the policies they need. The good news is that with biBerk, you don’t have to! You can obtain fast, free insurance quotes online.

Here are some tips to help ensure you get accurate information quickly and efficiently:

Research reputable providers. 
It’s not a good use of your time to get a quote if you aren’t sure you trust the company providing it to protect your business. Look for insurance companies or online platforms that specialize in small business insurance and have a good reputation for reliability and customer service. 

Have information on your business handy. 
Before starting your search, gather relevant general details about your business—things like its size, industry, revenue, location, number of employees, and any risks or exposures you want coverage for. Getting a quote for some policies requires additional specific information. For example, for workers’ compensation insurance, you should have annual payroll estimates and your tax ID (SSN or FEIN). For a commercial auto policy quote, you’ll need the VIN numbers, years, makes, and models of your vehicles. You should also have details on each driver handy: driver license number, date of birth, and first and last names. Having this information readily available will help you move through the quoting process quickly.

Utilize advanced quoting tools. 
Not all insurance quoting tools provide fast and accurate results. Some may skimp on details to accelerate the process. That can lead to problems later when the quote doesn’t align precisely with your operations. biBerk’s system is fast and efficient without sacrificing accuracy.

Review coverage options carefully. 
Your business benefits most from insurance customized to your needs. (That’s what you get from biBerk.) It’s crucial to review the coverage options included in each quote to ensure they meet your company’s specific needs. That includes noting exclusions and limitations that may impact your coverage. These aren’t unique to biBerk—they’re common in business insurance policies. Still, you should be clear about their impact.

Compare multiple quotes (and their sources). 
You should view quotes from several providers to help you understand the cost spectrum. Keep in mind that the lowest cost isn’t always the best choice. In some cases, it is. In others, a provider’s low cost reflects their minimal staffing, poor service, payment delays, and other issues. Excellent examples of the ideal balance between price and value are biBerk policies, which are up to 20% less than other providers yet are backed by attentive service and the deep resources of the Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group. 

Ask questions. 
Online, self-service quotes are convenient, but if you need clarification on any aspect of a policy, you should contact the provider. biBerk’s licensed insurance experts are happy to assist you during business hours.

Get Fast Insurance Quotes Online!

Business insurance  is essential. Still, you’re busy and have no desire to spend excessive time and effort getting the insurance you need to protect your business. We understand! 

The details above on how to get an insurance quote quickly and ensure it’s accurate make the process simple. After you get your insurance quotes online, you’re free to focus on running your business while considering your options. Or, if you purchase from biBerk, you can buy your policies immediately and have coverage active as soon as the next day in most cases. 

So, get fast insurance quotes online, obtain the coverage you need, and rest easier knowing your business is protected.