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Every business faces risk—things like employee injuries, visitor slip-and-fall accidents, professional “errors and omissions,” and work-related auto accidents. The liability and financial loss from these types of incidents and many others can devastate a small company that isn’t properly insured.

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A small business insurance deductible is an amount you pay toward each insurance claim you’re filing. The amount is indicated in your insurance policy. For example, you might have a $500 deductible on a commercial property insurance policy. If the cost of a claim covered by that policy is $2,000, you pay $500 and your insurance company pays the remaining $1,500. If a claim totals $450, you cover that cost.


Companies must have adequate business insurance to protect them financially when unexpected incidents occur.

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If you own a small business, you know you face business risks and may wonder, “What are some common general liability insurance claims?” That’s an important question, as the answer can help you understand whether you need general liability insurance (most businesses do) and if so, how much.

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In some instances, your client may request that you provide them with something called a waiver of subrogation. Also called a waiver of transfer of rights of recovery, this waiver, which is associated with your small business insurance, means that your insurer gives up the right to seek payment from your client if it’s determined that the client or one of its employees was partially responsible for an incident.

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If you’re a transportation company owner or decision-maker, you surely do all you can to operate your business safely. However, companies like yours face many risks over which they have no control. Bad roads, inclement weather, and the people with whom your vehicles share the road probably come immediately to mind.

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The insurance known as equipment breakdown coverage or boiler and machinery insurance coverage is what’s called an endorsement, add-on, or rider. It extends the coverage of a business owners policy or BOP. Also called property & liability insurance, a BOP is a simplified approach to small business insurance that combines general liability and commercial property insurance.

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General liability insurance is a type of coverage that many businesses have and all companies should consider. It can protect your business from many types of risk. When looking into the average cost for general liability insurance, it’s important to remember that this coverage includes customer property damage, non-employee bodily injuries, product liability, libel, slander, and copyright infringement.

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Catering insurance is a term used to describe a group of coverages that are important to food service companies. Also called caterer insurance, food service insurance, or food liability insurance, these policies protect food service businesses from many types of risk, including employee injuries, injuries to customers and other non-employees, liability from accidents in company-owned vehicles, and others.