Small Business Articles

Keys to Success: 8 Traits of Business Owners (and How to Adopt Them)

As a small business owner, you know that for good things to happen, you’ve got to make them happen. You’ve started down that path by creating your company and pursuing your vision. But you don’t want your business just to survive; you want it to thrive. That’s why it’s crucial to adopt certain traits of business owners.

Protect Your Office With Office Business Insurance

Business offices may not have the risks of, say, construction sites. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many types of costly incidents that can occur. If you’ve worked in an office for any length of time, you’ve probably seen things like property damage and accidents that could result in legal liability. That’s where office business insurance can be crucial.

Protect Your Business With Retail Store Insurance

From the minute you open your retail store in the morning until you lock your doors at night, you face the risk of lawsuits, property damage, theft, and other costly incidents. Issues can also occur when employees are preparing to open your store or doing cleaning and other post-closing tasks. In fact, incidents like claims of infringement in your advertisements can occur anytime. That’s why you need retail store insurance.

Medical Office Insurance: Vital Protection for Your Business

If you’re the owner, business manager, or other decision-maker at a medical practice, you know how complex your operations can be. There’s a continual stream of patients, vendors come and go regularly, you need expensive medical equipment and other assets to do your work, etc. Consequently, it’s no surprise when problems happen.

Important Business Insurance Industry Trends in 2024

Who’s hungry for success in 2024? Right… Everybody! One of the keys to achieving your business goals is identifying trends—in the economy, market conditions, buyer behavior, etc. The better you are at spotting and adapting to emerging business trends, the more advantage you have over your competitors. That’s always been true, but it may be even more critical in today’s fast-paced, digital world.

Why Home Inspector Insurance Is Critical for Your Financial Protection

If you’re a home inspector or building inspector, this scenario isn’t hard to imagine: You’re on a ladder looking at some brickwork when you lose your footing, fall, injure your elbow, and need medical attention. Or maybe you fail to inspect a critical aspect of a home’s electrical system, which later causes a fire that damages the structure.

How Salon and Spa Insurance Protects Your Company

If you own or operate a salon or spa, you know there are many risks associated with this type of business. They cover the spectrum from a client getting injured by slipping on a wet floor at your business location to making mistakes in the types or amounts of products you use and causing harm. And, of course, the risk of someone stealing sensitive customer information like credit card numbers is one every business must be aware of and address.