Small Business Articles

How Printing Insurance Protects Your Company

A customer slips at your print shop, falls, breaks their arm, and sues you. High winds hurl debris into your storefront window, shattering it. An employee making a delivery in your company’s van runs a stop sign and collides with another driver, causing injuries and vehicle damage.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cyber Insurance

Every business owner should be aware of—and take action on—the risk of cyberattacks. The potential continues to grow steadily as cybercriminals find new and better ways to breach digital defenses.

How Laundromat Insurance Protects Your Operations

Laundromats are busy places, with customers coming and going throughout the day and actively attending to their laundry during their visits. Joining them in this “dance” are your employees—assisting them, ensuring your machines are working correctly, and addressing any issues that may arise.

How Accounting Insurance Can Protect Your Firm

Helping individuals and businesses manage their money is work that comes with tremendous responsibility and significant risk. For example, one small mistake can be grounds for an expensive lawsuit. Or a simple slip-and-fall accident for a client visiting your office can cause an injury that leaves you liable for the person’s medical bills, lost wages, etc.

How Hotel Insurance Insurance Protects Your Business

A guest slips in your lobby, falls, breaks their arm, and sues you. A storm sends a patio chair through a large window. Someone hacks your computer system and steals customer credit card information. If you own or operate a hotel, you know these are just some of the kinds of incidents that can be very costly for your business—particularly if you don’t have hotel insurance. Hotel insurance is a term that refers to a group of policies that owners likely need.