What are biBERK's early termination costs and cancellation fees?

If you cancel your coverage after a policy has been in effect for one day or more, a portion of your down payment (amount varies by state) may be non-refundable. It's used to cover our costs for issuing the policy.

Also, you will be charged an additional Cancellation Fee to cover our administrative costs. This Cancellation Fee is calculated as follows: We multiply the amount of premium you have not paid prior to cancellation by a factor no higher than 10% of the unpaid premium. For example, if a policy premium is $3,600 annually, and you cancel after two months—meaning there is $3,000 of unpaid premium—you may be required to pay a Cancellation Fee of up to $300.

When you call to cancel a policy, we'll email you a cancellation form that you must complete to cancel your coverage. Keep in mind that with certain types of insurance (workers' compensation, for example), in some states, you must show proof of new coverage in order to cancel an existing policy.

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