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Protect Your Business With Personal Trainer Insurance

From errors made in creating a customized fitness plan for a client to an injury to one of your employees, personal trainers have to be prepared for the potential financial impact from a wide range of risks.   At biBERK, we provide personal trainer insurance at savings of up to 20%. Just complete a simple form online or speak with our licensed insurance experts to get a fast, free quote. Plus, you can purchase policies, manage them, and report claims online for ultimate convenience.

Any Type of Fitness Business Needs Personal Trainer Insurance, Including:

    Fitness instructors
    Group fitness instructors
    Gym instructors
    Human performance trainers
    Personal coaches
    Physical trainers
    Private trainers
    Professional athlete trainers
    Strength coaches
    Wellness coaches

More on Professional Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Professional liability insurance from biBERK helps protect your business if you make a mistake (error) or fail to perform a service (omission). Professional indemnity insurance, another name for professional liability or E&O insurance, can also cover related defense costs, even those associated with groundless claims. Claims can include the following scenarios:


Unfulfilled Duties


This happens when you’re expected to take certain actions but fail to do so. For instance, you’re supposed to provide a client with a customized fitness plan but you do not.

Man lifting weights



Negligence is the failure to use proper care in performing a task. An example would be that you make a mistake in helping a professional athlete client with an exercise and they suffer a torn ligament.

Personal trainer



In this case, you’re being held responsible for a mistake you made that caused your client a financial loss, such as recommending the wrong exercise, which results in a debilitating injury.

In each instance, professional liability (E&O) insurance covers the costs for legal defense and damages. Plus, biBERK provides an attorney to represent you. biBERK can also cover client damages—including punitive damages, if permitted by law in your state.  Punitive damages can be quite high, as they are assessed by courts on top of other damages. This is an effort to punish those allegedly at fault even further. If your state allows these damages to be covered by an insurance policy, biBERK covers up to the policy limit.

What Does Fitness Instructor Insurance Cost?

Your fitness instructor insurance cost is calculated based on a number of factors. These include your location, business size, and claims history. You can get fast, free, self-service quotes online for the policies you need to determine your specific fitness instructor insurance cost.

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What's not Covered by Personal Trainer Insurance?

Personal trainer insurance policies like professional liability, workers’ compensation, and general liability are fairly comprehensive. However, there are certain things they don’t cover. For instance, a professional liability policy doesn’t cover situations where a client is simply unhappy with the work you did. For coverage to apply, the claim must be the result of an error or omission. With a worker’s comp policy, injuries that occur while the person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol typically aren’t covered. And a general liability policy won’t cover damage to a client’s property if that damage is intentional. It’s important that you carefully review your policies to understand what they do, and do not, cover.

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