What information and records will be needed to complete the audit?

    • Payroll journals listing individual employee payroll records and job duties/responsibilities for the period listed on the audit form.
    • Your general ledger, check register, and cash disbursements journal.
    • Federal Quarterly Tax Returns (IRS Form 941) for the previous four quarters. (State Unemployment Quarterly Forms are also acceptable as well as Schedule C of the Federal Income Tax Return for Sole Proprietors, Form 1065 for LLC's/Partnerships, or Form 1120 for Corporations.)
    • All Miscellaneous Income Forms (IRS Form 1099) for the most recently completed calendar year.
    • Workers' Compensation Certificates of Insurance (ACORD Form 25) for any subcontractors and owner-operators.
    • Any other records that may be requested by the auditor at the time of your audit.
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