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Errors & Omissions Insurance Your Business Needs

If you provide a professional service or give advice to customers and clients, chances are you need to protect your

business with errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. Although you may do everything you can to follow the standards and practices of your industry, we all make mistakes occasionally. Getting an errors and omissions insurance quote is the first step in protecting yourself from potential lawsuits, financial damages, and legal defense costs.

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Operating Without E&O Insurance is Risky

Don’t expose your business to unnecessary financial risks. All you have to do is provide a little information about your business to get an errors and omissions insurance quote. Take a minute to do that today and you’ll realize how easy it is to get an instant online E&O quote, buy and manage a policy, and report claims. 

Small Business Insurance Experts

biBerk has over 200,000 satisfied customers and focuses exclusively on small businesses. Why is biBerk the business insurance company so many organizations rely on? There are many reasons.

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Save Time

Get a quote entirely online or speak with one of our insurance experts right away for help getting a quote, buying a policy, or answering any questions you may have.

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Save Money

We insure your small business directly, without a middleman or insurance broker, so we pass that savings along to you - up to 20% less than policies with other insurance companies.

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We're part of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group with millions of satisfied customers, more than 75 years of insurance experience, and $38 billion in paid claims in 2020.

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