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Loss Control

Implementing safety practices can make a difference. Learn about the resources available to you as a policyholder.

Safety benefits everyone – our customers, your employees, and your customers. Therefore, we provide you with a wealth of resources to assist you in making your operation as safe as possible. One of the most effective ways we have found to put loss control services at your fingertips is through our partnership with The Training Network, which has over 30 years’ experience providing high-quality safety programs. . . .

Online Safety Training

As a policyholder benefit, you have access to the Training Network NOW one of the largest online safety training libraries on the market today.

The 350+ training modules include videos as well as accompanying end-of-course quizzes and other instructional materials – such as Leaders’ Guides and Completion Certificates – to facilitate your training sessions.

The library includes safety topics of common interest such as: back safety, safety leadership for supervisors, sage electrical practices, injury prevention for food service, landscape power tool safety, hazard communications, construction safety, distracted/defensive driving, trenching and shoring safety, computer workstation safety, and many more. Select videos are designed for mobiles devices, and a number of titles are also available in Spanish.

*To access the online video library, please login to your policy center.