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A business owners policy (also called BOP insurance) includes two important types of coverage in one policy: general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. Also called property & liability insurance, a business owners policy can be easier to manage than having multiple policies.

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A worker is injured when a stack of metal pipes breaks free of its restraints and his leg gets trapped under the weight and broken. What do you do now? It’s important to consider your actions in advance, since this is a situation that calls for quick thinking and rapid action.

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Workers’ compensation insurance is coverage that helps pay costs associated with on-the-job injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. This can include medical care, lost wages, and other benefits. Sometimes called workman’s comp insurance, it’s typically mandatory for businesses that have employees.


People who make a living providing professional advice or services to clients are required to adhere to certain standards and best practices for their industry. If that describes you or your company, you face the risk that a client may feel that you made a mistake that adversely affected them and sue you for the financial damages they believe were caused by your error.

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Property and liability insurance (i.e., a business owners policy) provides coverage that’s a combination of general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. This includes property damage, bodily injury, an owned or leased space, and more. Getting these coverages in one policy is a common approach for small businesses

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Does your business need workers’ comp insurance? If you have employees, you almost surely do. Technically called workers’ compensation insurance and sometimes referred to as workers’ comp or workman’s comp insurance, this coverage protects employees in the event of an injury or illness at work. The financial support it provides can be crucial as they strive to recover and return to work.

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In simple terms, legal liability means being "responsible or answerable in law; legally obligated." Businesses can be found liable for a wide variety of actions that affect others, and if they are, they may be required by a court to pay monetary damages to an individual or organization.

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You’re performing a home inspection and miss a problem with the electrical system. The buyer goes through with the purchase, learns that correcting the problem will cost $6,500, and sues you to pay for that expense.

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There are many risks in business offices. A visitor slips on a wet floor and injures their back. An old microwave oven shorts out and causes a fire that damages a breakroom. An employee backs a company car into another vehicle in a parking lot. Any of these incidents, and many others, can result in you being found liable for monetary damages.