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No question about it: Having small business insurance is essential to protecting your business from the many risks—and potential financial burdens—that you face. But it’s also true that obtaining that insurance isn’t a task that anyone really looks forward to!

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Rental property insurance is a type of commercial insurance that helps protect landlords from the many business risks they face. The term doesn’t refer to a particular policy but instead to several kinds of policies that a rental property company might need for rental homes, condos, or apartments.

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In order to be well-informed about business insurance, it’s important to understand the unique industry language. Below are some of the more common terms used by business insurance companies.

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For those who are self-employed, insurance to cover various types of business risk is essential. Without proper coverage, one lawsuit can result in a financial burden that can lead to bankruptcy. Fortunately, you can get affordable small business insurance quickly and conveniently online from biBERK.

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If your business owns or leases vehicles, you need commercial auto insurance. It’s common for owners of small businesses to believe that their personal auto policy will cover their work cars or trucks. However, that may not be the case. To ensure your company is properly protected from liability or losses related to the use of vehicles for work purposes, you’ve got to have commercial auto coverage.

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A worker is injured when a stack of metal pipes breaks free of its restraints and his leg gets trapped under the weight and broken. What do you do now? It’s important to consider your actions in advance, since this is a situation that calls for quick thinking and rapid action.

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Company insurance is a catchall term used to describe different insurance policies that protect businesses from the cost of legal liability and losses. For example, if your employee damages a customer’s property, they can sue you. In that instance, a general liability policy can protect you. Or, if equipment you need to run your business is damaged, a business owners policy (BOP) may cover the replacement cost.


People who make a living providing professional advice or services to clients are required to adhere to certain standards and best practices for their industry. If that describes you or your company, you face the risk that a client may feel that you made a mistake that adversely affected them and sue you for the financial damages they believe were caused by your error.

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Property and liability insurance (i.e., a business owners policy) provides coverage that’s a combination of general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. This includes property damage, bodily injury, an owned or leased space, and more. Getting these coverages in one policy is a common approach for small businesses